The Program

What participants will get

LUISS Business School, IESE and Elis Corporate School aim to deliver participants an Executive Training, able to provide the future Project Management generation with four main objectives, all based on the concept of building.
What do we have to build grounds on key topics, such as Finance, Business Management, Megatrends, Strategic Marketing, Innovation, Sales; without forgetting a fundamental review of Advanced PM techniques.
Project Managers capabilities will be enhanced, as PM will be provided with the state-of-the-art knowledge and tools to drive results and execute business strategies effectively.
To gain also insights into frameworks and practices enabling to successfully plan and execute complex, critical projects. 
The Future Project Manager must create values based on customer, innovation and portfolio need.

Learning methodologies

Academic partners offer a mix of traditional methods, ranging from case studies, simulations, social learning and knowledge sharing. Guest speakers’ interventions and live cases study will enrich the overall learning, combined to round tables, project-work activities and discussions on real life problems.

The content of each module is tailored in order to satisfy Ericsson’s needs.

Our goals:

Build Capabilities

To go from project management to project mastery, for new and stronger competences on

  • Leadership, Financials, Consultative Sales;
  • Accountability;
  • Advanced PM techniques;

Build Business

A new concept to develop skills and attitudes in order to grow profitable sales:

  • To get stronger intimacy, trust, partnership;
  • Creating a network with new and prospect customers;
  • Driving higher margins;
  • Becoming PM and customers ambassadors.

Build Next PM generation

Aiming at creating the PM as Project ‘CEO’:

  • A new breed of PMs future proofed for new more complex realities & challenges;
  • A raising bar of PM professionalism;
  • Attraction, engagement, individuation of the best PM in the industry;
  • PM identity and pride.

Build Brand

For a Project Driven Company , boosting the potentialities of Ericsson as:

  • An attractive employer in the labor market ;
  • The holder of a great position in the market place thanks to customers and partners;
  • An excellent PM driven Company.

The Sessions

The Programme is divided into 4 Workshops: the first one and the last one will take place in Italy, at LUISS Headquarter in Rome. The central twos will take place in Spain, at IESE Headquarter in Madrid.

Participants can count on a Steering Committee, that will monitor the execution of the entire Programme, evaluating the process of participants learning in order to make sure the methodology is applied.

The first Workshop: Rome, October 20th - 23th

A four-days Programme, challenging and engaging at the same time: speeches with internal and external guests, round tables, lessons and social dinners, with the final aim to carry out a functional Project Work.

Entirely lived in the most beautiful city in the World.

The second Workshop, Madrid:

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and Idea Management
  • Business Model
  • External Guest Speaker
  • Project Work – Activities

The third Workshop, Madrid:

  • Lean & Agile Organization
  • Theory of Constraints
  • Growing & Managing Customer Relationships
  • Consultative selling skills
  • Project Work - Activities

The fourth Workshop, Rome

  • Contract Management & Risk Analysis
  • Managing Complex (mega) Projects
  • Round Table with Customers
  • Project Work - Fine Tune of Presentations
  • Change Management (also with an external guest speaker)
  • Project Work – Final Presentations to Senior Leaders

Final Project Work

To be completed with the final presentation to the ExCo (Executive Committee), who will mentor, guide and coach teams during the whole process, assessing projects’ impact.

The Project Work starts with a presentation, in which objectives and deliverables will be definitively set.
Throughout both workshops in Spain, Ideas Presentations and Business Plans will be prepared in order to be concretely applied.
IEPPM will end in Rome, during the fourth and last Workshop, when an Executive Committee (ExCo) will examine the tune of final outcomes.